Customer Care

Return Policy: We will give you a full refund if returned within 30 days with your receipt. If you don't have a receipt we will allow a refund at the lowest sale price from the last 30 days. We do not accept returns after 30 days or for any used products.  We do not accept returns of used products unless there is evidence of a manufacturers defect, which will be handled according to that manufacturers policy. We will not allow returns of liquids of any kind.

Website orders and returns: Please call our customer service team 920-686-3890 if you have any questions or problems with your order.  We will typically respond to any questions or concerns no later than the following business day.  We are open Monday thru Thursday 10-6, Friday 10-7, and Saturday 9-2 central standard time.  We do not accept returns after 30 days.  If an item is returned after 30 days, the freight charges to ship it back to the customer is that customers responsibility.  Please return items with the original packaging if possible. Enclose a copy of your receipt
, your name, address, and phone number and ship your item to:

Horsey Habit Saddlery Returns
4000 Redwood Dr.
Manitowoc, WI 54220

We recommend you return items using a trackable service such as UPS or US Post Office Priority Mail.  Freight charges will not be refunded.  Returns are normally processed within 48 hours of receipt, excluding Sunday. 

Special Orders: We are happy to special order specialty requests for our customers. We require 15% down to order the item. If you do not pick the item up, or it is returned within 30 days we will retain the 15% and refund the remainder paid. 

We try hard to sell only quality products. We expect you to be happy with your purchases, and want our products to live up to your expectations. 

In the event that an item fails, we want you to know that we work hard to get our customers a fair deal. The vast majority of our manufacturers offer a warranty or guarantee of some kind. Typically this means they want to see the product and review it, looking for manufacturing defects and determining the reason for the failure. You return the item to us, and we send it back to the manufacturer with all the required paperwork. We follow the process, and when we have a resolution we will call you with the results.

Sometimes vendors will turn down a claim, and other times they will allow replacement of the product. It really depends on what went wrong, and the age of the product. If you did not purchase the item at our store we may ask you to pay for the shipping charges associated with returning the damaged product. 

The first step is to call us and discuss what you are having trouble with. We will gladly lobby on your behalf and push our vendors to make good on the claims and promises of their products. 

Horsey Habit Saddlery frequently receives requests to donate to many different organizations. Quite honestly during the summer we are overwhelmed by them. Sometimes these donations are for sponsoring classes at horse shows, sometimes to help a youth group travel to an important event, and sometimes a benefit for a community member or organizations. Horsey Habit has two ways that we will handle these requests. 

Anyone seeking a donation should fill out a copy of our donation request worksheet and return this document to our store. Our Board of Directors will review requests submitted. If the request is approved and funds are available for charitable contributions we will award them a donation. 

Often we find that youth groups need money for their club to attend a special event. If you spend any amount of time in our store you are likely to hear one of us joke with the children "Get a job, Kid!" We do believe that these youth should be working towards their goal, rather than looking for handouts. With that in mind we do offer a fund raiser that any organization is welcome to take advantage of. Horsey Habit will print special gift certificates in the amount of $25. Members of the organization sell these certificates to their family and friends, and for every certificate they sell we kick back $5 to the club. Sell 10 gift certificates and you make $50. Call the store for more details on the fun program.